Friday, February 12, 2010

Why we chose Parent-directed Parenting

This is an actual email someone sent to me. The child she is refering to is 5 years old. This has been going on for that long. Remember the days of caring for a newborn? How about letting that kind of sleep (or lack thereof) go on for 5+ years!

This is a good reminder of WHY mom and dad make the decisions and NOT the children (as hard as even that can be sometimes).

I was basically up ALL night. After my last note to you, I went out to tidy in the living room, thinking I would have time to do some things. I was alone for about 10 min and then out comes L. She was cold, lost her teddy bear, etc. We are trying to keep her from coming into our bed at least until after 6am. So, I got her things fixed up and laid with her to warm her up. I was wide awake anyway, so I just laid there and prayed about things. That was from 1:15-1:50. I decided to go into my bed and out she came at 2:30. She had to use the bathroom. I went back in with her until 3:30, hoping she would get into a better sleep. I fell asleep there and was resigned to spend the night sleeping there. Then the dog had to go outside and was full-body banging between L's door and our door where D was sleeping. He couldn't hear it, so up I got again! It was almost 4 by then. I finally fell into bed then and slept until nearly 6:45 when L came in for the last time. We get up at 7:20 for school! O what a night!!!!! So, I am hoping to sleep from now until 10:40. L's home at 11.
Anyway, crazy, crazy night!!!!

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Marta Jeremy Emily and Abigail said...

No kidding! It kills me how people in this situation reach out for help and support in how to become a good parent and take control, but the advise they get is "this is normal behavior, don't worry it will go away, pick your battles....". Hardly anyone will encourage people to actually BE PARENTS! Thanks for your reminders and insight!

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