Sunday, July 4, 2010

One Thousand Things... to be grateful for!

56. A husband who willingly and joyfully goes to church with me.
57. A husband who cooks great food for our family on the weekends.
58. A husband who makes so much food on the weekends so I don't have cook on Monday and sometime Tuesday!
59. Holiday family times.
60. Forgiving children. (I closed the van door on my son's hand today and he still tells me I am a great mom!)
61. Sincere hearts.
62. Guests who help themselves...when I am too busy with little people.
63. Play date guests who help clean up just before they leave.
64. Clean floors. (while cleaning the house yesterday I was reminded that for thousands of years kitchen floors were dirt floors!)
65. The written word of God. We are blessed to have our OWN copies! For thousands of years only the Priests had copies and the lay people only listened. Now we have our own copies to read and memorize when we want.

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Elisabeth LaMouria said...

Do you know about the Gratitude Community? Check it out sometime, it's changed my life through doing the gratitude list!

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