Monday, August 2, 2010

A keeper!

Character First has some great materials to teach character building! They have lessons for the workplace, schools and for home. At our house we love the character cards. Click on the link I just gave you. You have to see this! I love it! It couldn't be any more simple than this!

They are baseball type cards (and come in a plastic baseball card holder sheets) with a picture of an animal on one side and on the other side is a specific characteristic, it's definition, the opposite of that character, and a short list of specific ways you can live out that character.

Each week we choose one of the cards to work on. It is nice because throughout the day I can repeat the word (new vocab) and point out to the kids that this is an opportunity to practice that new character!

These tools and web site do not mention that they have a Christian background (psst... I think they are but they keep it quiet to reach more people). It doesn't really matter. Their materials are helpful and certainly do a top notch job of stretching us to become better people.

I ordered series 1,2,3 and 4 of just the cards. The total came to about $12.00!
Then the good Lord, our Provider, had me pick up a Character First Cd at a used book sale BEFORE I had even heard of Character First. It wasn't till about 2 weeks later that I realized he had handed me (for $1.00) a cd with all of these characters put into song! Oh, He is so good to us! To God be the Glory.

Go. Check it out! You will not be sorry. And those around you may notice a change too!

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