Friday, September 3, 2010

On an Organizing Roll!

Here are some other projects I have been at lately.
I am a huge fan of photos. I will go beyond saying I am a visual learner. I love to snoop into other peoples order to glean all of the best and to implement those things in my own life.

So here are a couple more things:
The hanging files are not a real attractive color but it is what we had on hand.

Instead of paper collecting on our dining room table, I figured this would be a nice alternative.

My coupon holder! Inside is baseball card protector sheets.
Much better than wadded up in the bottom of me purse.

Ah. I can breathe a little easier already!


Anonymous said...

I like the baseball card holder!I always lose/destroy coupons.

Lesa McMahon said...

i LOVE it! thanks!

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