Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rage Agaist the Mini Van

I hope you take time to read this post that was written by a sweet young woman. Her words are well placed and need to be heard. YOU can make a difference in the life of one like her.

The topic of single adults who's desire it is to be married yet for some reason God has not opened that door is one that is not acknowledged much at all in life and in 'church.'
I was single for 10 years longer than I would have planned and I can tell you that depression, anger and loneliness were a dark cloud over me constantly. Always wondering 'Why?'

I am married now and have the family I cried out for all of those years and I rejoice, thank and praise God for where He has allowed me to walk!

My twin sister is 37 and still longs for companionship. My heart aches for her. Truly.
The blog post link below sheds a clearer light into this life of adult singleness and it's pain. I share it with you hoping you can and will be more sensitive to those in this situation in your life and can minister to them more effectively.
Read the post here:

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