Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fighting for Our Daughters

I subscribe to a blog called 'Unplug Your Family."
I am really enjoying it and as a result our family has chosen to be 'Unpluged' from T.V., video games, movies, and even the computer (mom too) every Tuesday. It has been going great. But I realize how hooked we are on that day. When we are unplugged the kids (ages 5, 3 and 1) actually do better with attitudes, imaginary play and I get more accomplished too! Don't get me wrong, it is hard! Like fasting. There have been times when a kid is throwing a fit or is just grumpy and I want to pop in a video to just not deal with it. But I am teaching them some great skills in self control and using their minds to keep them busy and helping them develop better relationships with each other.

Good stuff but the real reason for this post is this article I just read on her blog. 
Fighting for our Daughters is a fantastic read with a wealth of wisdom. If you have a daughter you will want to read this. If you know of someone with a daughter pass it along.

Click here to read it. You will need a few undistracted  moments to fully absorb its wisdom.
Check it out. 

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