Thursday, May 21, 2009

Empty Shirts

My husband's co-worker was tradgically killed yesturday while repairing a machine where they work. I can't help but think of the wife that got a knock on the door last night to recieve the horrible news that her husband will not be coming home.

As I lay in my bed and see my husbands shirts hanging in our bedroom, I think that her husband's shirts will never be filled by him again. Sorry if that sounds morbid but that is where my mind goes when I hear of tragedy.

I remember when my husband and I were still dating. I would quietly complain to myself in a loud voice about how annoying it was when I got into my car after he had driven it I had to re-adjust everything that was adjustable. The seat back, the seat bottom, the adjustable foot peddles, the hight of the seatbelt over the shoulder, the stearing wheel, and all three mirrors!

Then one sad day, our relationship had been severed and I didn't have to be bothered by all of that adjusting. When the joyous day came when we were together again, all of that adjusting was a gentle and comforting reminder that he was still here...with me.

I also need these same reminders when I am constantly picking up toys, when I have a 19 month old wedging her way between me and sink of dirty dishes, when I have 5 projects started and none finished, and when I am lucky enough to shave both legs on the same day. You get my point.

Being a mom takes sacrifice, lots of patience and a good sense of humor. I am grateful to God that my calendar is full, my days are full and my heart is full.

Yes, these days with little ones are long but the years are short. Savor every God given moment you have with those you love!


Sarah Mae said...

A sad reminder...but so timely for me today. Thank you.

A happy heart at home said...

Thank you for the reminder to not take our family members for granted. Laundry might not be looked on as a 'chore' if we use it as a way to be grateful for and pray for the people whose clothes we're washing and drying and folding. We're not to be those who complain, but those who love.

Your post made me think of this: One day, a young wife was visiting an older wife. The older woman's husband came into the house, his boots tracking dirt on the clean kitchen floor. After he'd left the room, the younger woman said, "Look at all the dirt your husband's boots brought in!" The older woman swept up the dirt and smiled. "I don't mind. Those boots bring him in, too."


danielle-laryn said...

How true. So many women hear the battle cry of being able to have everything; being able to DO IT ALL. But i always wonder, at WHO'S expense? The husband who is left to wander around a cold, empty house? The children left at extended care until 6 at night, wondering when THEY are going to be a priority? Is having it all (career, hobbies, lunches, committee) really all that fullfilling if we have little souls at home that set the sun by us??

Thanks for the gently reminder.

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