Monday, June 1, 2009

For the Birds

In the summer we (I) am always looking for something to keep the kids busy in the backyard. We did this last year and
are really enjoying doing it again this year.

We feed the birds! I have a little bird feeder and a jar of bird seed. I saved little scoops from formula cans and OXY clean and they use
those to scoop bird seeds to fill the feeder. They LOVE it! They also love watching the birds come feed. The nice thing is that it is a continual
activity. We usually do it once a week.

NOTE: You can't freak out when bird seed spills all over the grass. Just know it is not being waisted. The birds (or chipmunks) will still get it!

Another fun thing we will do is plant some of those bird seeds and see what actually grows. What is it they put in that bird seed mix? We will soon find


Jolanthe said...

We just got a birdfeeder too - and are having so much fun with it!

Got your question on my blog about email contact. Can you email me directly and maybe I can help you out! :)


danielle-laryn said...

Last two years we had 6 foot high SUNFLOWERS grow all around our birdfeeder thanks to what spilled out! People were stopping their cars and asking us how we did it- WE didn't; the BIRDS did!!

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