Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Defying the odds???

Mom needs to brag a moment. Bear with me.

My 22 month old is potty training! I am in shock!

Her brother who is 3.5 years old is also practicing using the toilet... for the last year!

This is what is so shocking, If you know anything about toilet training there are a few DON'Ts.

1) never train when a child is sick

2) never train when you are in the midst of a big transition : moving or new baby coming.
3) never compare your children

Well, the little girl has had a fever for 2 days and still tells me when she has to go, and

we are moving in two weeks, and we will be having another baby in about 3 months!

Let's hope she really is defying the odds!

Thanks for listening to my moment of joy. After all it does have to do with 'child training.'

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