Thursday, August 6, 2009

What Every Child Should Know Along the Way

This book is a great resource for calling greater responsibility to our children. It has been a great guideline for what young ones are capable of doing and at what ages.
I honestly believe that today's adults (35 ish and younger) are really very immature compared to the 12- 35 year old's of the past. Our society's morals and values are crumbling underneath us for a few reasons - some of which I believe begins in the home. WE EXPECT TOO LITTLE RESPONSIBILITY FROM OUR CHILDREN.

I am reminded of pioneer children and the heavy chores and expectations were put on them. Yes it was hard. But they were also able to begin their own trade and families in their early teen years! Today we have people that are in their late 30 who are playing games that youngsters play. When do adults today really grow up?

I want my children to enjoy life but I also want them to learn the value of maturing and becoming a strong confident adult.

What Every Child Should Know Along the Way by Gail Martian can help set the path for successful adults!

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