Monday, June 14, 2010

Ever Thought about it this way?

I am reading a book called, “Shepherding a Child’s heart” By Tedd Tripp.

I would like to share a bit with you that spoke to me. 

We have all see the families that bend over backward getting each child to their afterschool sports and other lessons. we have all heard to not overdo it and instead say no more to these kinds of activities and try to keep life simple… spend time together as a family!

For me it has never been too much of a temptation simply because we can’t afford all of these extra things.  But I can see how easy it is to slip into the trap.

SOme of the lures nag at me saying….

* it would be a good experience for her

* it will teach her a few things I could never teach her

* her friend is going to be in the class too

~ oh! I forgot to mention…. the she/her I am referring to is 2 1/2 years old!

I had never heard of extra curricular activities explained this way before but to me … it just makes sense!

Author Tedd Trip says about developing special skills,

What is the problem with having your children involved in a broad range of activities? Many parents who would never allow their child attend public school will send them to dance classes. They will refuse to have them influenced by secular humanism in school, but will expose them to unbiblical ideas of beauty in dance class.

When I ask parents why they put their children in these classes, they explain that it has helped their child’s sense of self-worth. Are their any passages (of scripture) that make the development of self-worth a biblically mandated goal? Shouldn’t we be more concerned with an accurate of sense of self? Is it biblical to build self-worth on a child’s capacity to develop a physical skill? Are we not encouraging  pride that comes from the capacity to perform? Most coaches do not teach the Little Leager who hits a home run to give thanks to God for the timing and coordination necessary to perform such a complex feat.

Many of these activities teach your children to trust in themselves, when the Scriptures say that those who trust in themselves are fools whose hearts turn from GOd. The self-love and self-trust our culture proffers always turns the heart away from God.”

I am interested in your thoughts on this.



Marci said...

Never thought of it that way either! I guess there are so many things that we have taken as truth that aren't really Biblical. Makes me want to examine lots of beliefs and ideas I have. Great post!

Marta Jeremy Emily and Abigail said...

Absolutely! We have been entrusted with this "flock" and will be held accountable to a sovereign God about how their character's turned out. The influence of the world's ideology is SO STRONG, nearly inescapable, why give more opportunities for that to grow?

Try doing a larger range of activities as a FAMILY, and include Godly friends under your supervision for social interaction.

One Christian Mom said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outlook. I, too try to hold my children back from these activities, and am chided for it from my family and friends. "They need an outlet on their own" or "they need to exercise more than they do at home" or "they need to develop their own skills" . I couldn't find biblical reference for letting kids participate in activities, in one direction or another, but I will continue to look for evidence in either direction.

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