Thursday, June 17, 2010

Laundry ~ How do I keep the ball rolling?

I have another laundry trick I should share with you.

I didn’t even think of it until a comment was left on my last post. I do something a little different.

When we were just married (only 5 short years ago) I was (and still am) too cheap to buy a laundry basket. And I knew that a little white flimzy plastic  laundry basket was just not going to cut it.

So I used what I had. A Rouchneck Rubbermaid Storage Bin.


Hubby teases me cause I feel like I can’t ever have enough of these things.

Well, our whole family only uses one of these for a laundry basket.  He is the routine.

~ by evening, laundry for the day has been washed and put away.

~ when someone soils their clothes, it goes in this bin which is kept in mom and dad’s bedroom. If the bin is still in the laundry room the soiled clothes sit in our bathroom sink (we have two sinks in the bathroom but only one gets used for washing hands and brushing teeth).

~ once the laundry is cleaned and put away I go to the sink and put whatever is in there into the bin and put it back in our bedroom.

The sink doesn’t get very full during the day but by evening when the kids are getting ready for bath it starts to fill up, This is key: IF THE BIN IS NOT IN IT’S PLACE  (AKA: laundry is not done for the day) Things start to get pilled up and looking out of control.

It is kind of like a game. I have to be done my job before the sink fills up.

Therefore, I have to laundry EVERY DAY!

Sometimes I will take Friday off and do a bigger load on Saturday when hubby is home. When he is home I have more leeway to leave the kids and give more attention to cleaning.

Hope this helps.


Between Hitching Posts said...

I am loving the laundry posts!
Maybe you should write a laundry post every day for 2 weeks to inspire my new habit making. Just kidding I won't really ask you to do that.
Another great tip I read somewhere & am trying to implement in our home: The cubby system.
I collect the laundry & take down to wash it. Once the drier is finished I fold the clothes and place them into cubbies (one for each family member + extra for towels). Then it is up to our family members to get their clean clothes in the evening & put them away. So far it hasn't been to bad with this system. My little ones are 5 & 6. I'm hoping soon I can get them to take all there dirty clothes downstairs with them & place them in the washing machine. Fingers are crossed.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I came upon you while looking for homeschool support in blog land. I like your poems that you have posted rescently. Thanks so much for making your blog open for me to be able to find and be encouraged by. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

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