Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am a terrible mom....

...when it comes to potty training!

Here I am again, child number two. Because my children are two years apart and it took me a complete year to fully potty train my first child I feel like I didn't get much of a break in between.

I have read a couple of books on how to potty train in a day and one in how to potty train in three days. What a joke!

What am I doing wrong? I am to the point where I am thinking it is okay to discipline for wet pants.  How can it take so long for them to get it?

Do you have any words of encouragement? Anything?
Do you have any secrets? How did you do it?
If anything, pray that we all make it through.


Marta Jeremy Emily and Abigail said...

You're not terrible, its HARD.

We did a 3 day method and here are the things that I think made the difference (I did the one day one first and it was a disaster!!!).

Watching your child the whole time so you can see when they either have to pee, or have just started.

No more diapers - have the child throw them away even for night time, its confusing to be in and out of them.

Prepare to clean up accidents and don't be upset, CHOOSE to be happy, each accident is an opportunity to sit on the potty.

ONLY sit them on the potty if a.) they say they have to go, b.) they are dancing/holding themselves, or c.) they've started to pee. Don't make them sit LONG periods of time, just long enough to finish going.

Don't ask them if they have to go, just remind them (1 million times) to let you know when they have to go potty.

No diapers, pull ups or training pants, just underwear only. Buy 20-30 pair, you'll need them all the first day. :) But by the second and third, and fourth if needed, you'll be going through 5 or less.

Lots and lots of rewards for even one drop in the potty.

Hope that's helpful. It worked for us.

Shaper of Little Souls said...

O o h k a y. (said hesitantly) I will go full throdle and get rid of all diapers. I will even take them off of the shelf where we change diapers (and stash them somewhere close by out of sight).
So, really? If I just don't use them at nap and night that should do it? In about 3 days you say?
I have stocked up on laudry soap and rags for clean up. Lysol wipes and all I need now is patience.
Here I go! (holding my breath and eyes pinched closed). Oh ya, the only thing I need now is hubbys support. He absolutely protests bladder leaks outside of diapers and toilets.
Thanks for the input. If it works Marta I will send you a million dollars!lol

Stephanie M. Page said...

I think that children go potty on the toilet when they want to and not before!!! YOU ARE NOT TERRIBLE! =)
Following from a blog hop. =)

Shaper of Little Souls said...

Thanks Stephanie. I do believe that to some extent but my son was 4 and we had worked on it for 13 months! He was ready...just lazy or needed to learn to take responsiblity. Sometimes love must be tough...Sometimes.

Elisabeth LaMouria said...

I agree that 1. Kids potty train when they are ready BUT also 2. Kids (especially BOYS) are easily distracted and lazy. I potty trained my first in 2 days....the 2nd, another story, he is ready, just gets distracted SO easily. I do the no diaper thing, watch him as much as I can, BUT I do NOT do no diaper at night. I don't have the right bed/bedding etc. My first son who is 4 and potty trained (since 3 yrs old), still pees his pull-up some times b/c he's a SUPER heavy sleeper. He sleeps through everything....seriously...everything. Also, having more than one child while potty training another one is even tougher, so potty training in 3 days with the 2nd may not work for everyone. I get so much advice from moms who have one child - I think it's silly. I have 3 under 5. Everything is different for they are all BOYS. :-) Potty training is one of the toughest things we have encountered with our three....and my husband also does NOT like it when someone pees where they "shouldn't"...I'm just happy that I am the one doing the potty training. :-) So - encouragement is keep with it, and yes...discipline if you see them willingly not going when they know they have to...but this is a very small line....God will help you though it. I feel your pain and frustration - we are going through it right now. Oh, and following you now from the blog hop! Maybe we can encourage one another through this potty training business.
eliam05 (at) yahoo (dot) com - if you want to zip me an email ever.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm having issues as well getting my little guy trained. My oldest just kind of trained himself in like 3 days with very little effort from me but my second son is just really giving me a run for my money! So although I have no advice I just wanted to let you know you aren't alone!!

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