Saturday, July 17, 2010


'Treasures' are what I like to call items/resources that truly impact our family.
Over the next few post I will introduce you to some of the resources that our family loves and that I are so good I will hold on to them for my grandchildren (eons from now).
The first is:

A Child's Book of Character Building Volume 1   by Ron & Rebekah Coriell

A Child's Book of Character Building Volume 2 by Ron & Rebekah Coriell This one is out of print but you can find it online. I did a google search for 'OUT OF PRINT BOOKS' and typed in the ISBN which is 080071265x. I got it for $10 cheaper than Volume 1! (and to be honest my kids like it a little better too)

These books are basic. One large picture on one side of the page and a one page story that gives a realistic example of a specific character quality. The neat thing about it is each chapter has very short and easy to understand definition of the character quality and a bible verse. Then there are 4 stories that give the reader an idea of what the character would look like in the bible, at home, at school and at play.
My kids are 4 and 2 and when I tell them to go to the book basket they 95% of the time choose these books. The books really are geared more toward elementary age children but my kids seem to get it!
The pictures are large and actually depicted much like a coloring page. I have a friend with 5 kids who will photo copy the page and they kids color it while she reads the story. This is a great family, table time activity.

I have to resist telling you about the others... These are the rocks of our children's growing spiritually and in godly character!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these recommendations. My boys are getting to the ages where they enjoy having books read to them and I have been looking for recommendations.

Shaper of Little Souls said...

Wholesomewomanhood, thank you for leaving a comment. It is my pleasure to share with you what God has brought into our lives to strengthen us. I often pray for God to lead us to the very things that will impact us most for God's will to be done through us. These are it! I sometimes prejudge what may be too advanced for my kids. These resources are one of those things I thought they would not be interested in until later... I was so wrong .... and I am so glad...that I get to start investing sooner!

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