Thursday, August 5, 2010


I saw my neighbors and friends strolling up the street, holding hands, the dad was holding their 11 month old son, and next to them were their 4.5 year old son and their 2.5 year old daughter. Yes, their hands are full (and so are their hearts).

Sucking the emotion back at the beautiful sight. My heart beat fast.
A tear drop fell.

I noticed. They did not use a stroller. They were all touching. Dad holding baby, husband holding wife's hand. Little walking ones holding each other's hands and mom's hand.

This young father has 7 months - 2 years to live.

He has stomach cancer. They actually removed his stomach 2 months ago. He looks like he is in perfect health and even feels like it too. Inside he has microscopic cells that will take his life (baring a miracle from God).

We all are dying. Some of us know a little more about when that may happen. I see this family LOVING and ENJOYING each other. Sometimes we need a reminder that our days are few.

I thank GOD for the hope of heaven.

Love. While we have today.

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