Sunday, October 31, 2010

International House of Prayer (IHOP)

Have you ever heard of IHOP? No, not International House of Pancakes. It is the International House of Prayer.
In Kansas City, there is a group of believers who have gathered from across the globe to be a part if 24 hour a day prayer and worship. There is always someone there to pray or sing at all times. The leads take two hour shifts and they sing all kinds of songs and often sing as the Spirit leads. It is amazing to hear what comes out when you devote this kind of time to the Lord. It has been going non stop for about 10 years now. I had the privilege of going for 6 days a few years ago and boy did it do big things for my spiritual life.

When you spend that much time uninterrupted and focused on God, and calling out to him, it is life changing. Recently, they have made it viewable via Internet! At no cost!
So go to and you can read about it or go directly here to get to the Prayer Room live webstream.

My personal favorite singer is Misty Edwards. Talk about anointed! I have seen her sing the book of Song of Solomon and have heard she also sings other stories in the bible. She is on Saturdays at 2 til 4 pm. You can go to their archives to find her.

Tonight I had the house to myself and I turned on IHOP - Misty Edwards. I was blessed.
I hope you are too.

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Rachel Renée said...

Thank you for following my blog... I am so enjoying yours! Thanks for sharing what you are learning - it has enormously encouraged me though I'm not a parent, just an older sister! :)


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