Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Lesson

With Valentine's Day coming up, we have been working on lots of heart projects.
This one is very special because of the application (that I stole from a dear friend).
I cut out a heart as large as I could from construction paper (we used red, purple and pink).
Then inside that heart I cut out another heart. That left me with a frame of a heart.
We set the heart frame inside a laminating sheet and carefully placed tissue paper squares in the open
space. Then we laminated it to make a beautiful sun catcher.
NOTE: You could make any kind of heart and laminate it or put it in a sheet protector for the same devotional lesson.

Then we ooooed and awed at how beautiful it was when we held it up to the window. The "Son" shines through and makes it more beautiful! Then I asked, "Who loves us MOST of all?"  I got a resounding, "God and Jesus!"

Then I took a black dry erase marker and told the kids, "This is what dark, dirty, sin looks like." And I scribbled all over the pretty heart. The kids we upset that I ruined the heart. I then explained that sin does that to our heart. It makes is ugly and dirty. But if we ask God to forgive us he will. Then I took a white Kleenex (Puffs Ultra to be exact) and said, "This is what Jesus does when we ask for forgiveness, He washes us clean and we look beautiful again. We are most beautiful when we seen the 'Son' shining through us."

The kids then spent time scribbling all over their hearts and teaching that same lesson to each other. We washed them clean and taped them in the window. Now we can be reminded throughout the day of how God has washed us clean!

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Our Family for His Glory said...

Oh, I LOVE this!!! Thanks so much for sharing! I think I'm going to have to bring out the dry-erase markers to use on our hearts! :)
Have a blessed day,

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