Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

Here I sit at the laptop. Allowing my fingertips to do the talking.
It is a new year! Resolutions? Pishah! I do have a renewed sense of what
I want to attempt in the months to come. No promises. No long term commitments.
Just a few passionate ideas that I would like to see where they float and how long they float.
Some may think that is a fool-proof way to fail at new goals. I, personally want to allow for wiggle room. See what happens, watch what the Lord does, and do want works and quit what is not working. How smart is it to lock yourself in to something only to leave you feeling guilty and like a failure? Not smart.

Ok. Some new things that are exciting me.
I am planning on getting creative and making headbands! Spandex headbands! I know tons of girls who LOVE them. I also know some runners and people to work out who use them. They are also just fun for a little fashion.
I plan to pick up my Lilla Rose business too! I love their flexiclips! So pretty and functional!
Ask me about them if you want more info. I will post more about it at a later point.
I also plan to pick up more books for me! I have been using all of MY reading time reading to my 2nd grader. Time to feed my own soul with books once again.
I also plan to post a few more things on this blog. I put this blog on pause while I was having kids and homeschooling. At present I have 4 kids (done) and 2 are in school! Big change for us but the extra breathing room has been a lifesaver. More on that later too.

So, just a few quick things I wanted to put in black and white for things ahead!

Wishing you all an Happy and healthy NEW YEAR!

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