Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Years later I am back and my life has reached a new season. Blessed beyond measure, I am still a SAHM living the dream! Of course we have our challenges but in the big scope of life ~ Abundantly Blessed.

I have picked up a couple of SAHM jobs that have helped me find my own enjoyment. One is a health and wellness company called Shaklee. Ever heard of Shaklee? Ask your parents or even Grandparents. They may have. This company has been around for 60 years. It is well established and a reputable company. In today's age, our eyes are being opened to the health dangers of chemicals, processed foods and a toxic environment. Shaklee has solutions for nutrition through the highest quality of supplements and even nontoxic cleaning supplies and skin care. You can browse through my site Feel free to ask me whatever questions you many have.

Another thing I do from home is crafting with my SILHOUETTE CAMEO! Oh what fun it is! I make all kinds of thing and sell them! Again, to see what I am making hop over to

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